Are you wondering if Chinese Cresteds can be left alone? The answer is most of them as puppies not very long or they will bark. Adult Chinese Cresteds can also bark if left along to long. I think this is the same with most dogs but especially true with Chinese Cresteds. There are ways to solve this problem one of the ways it to make sure you have a dog sitter to keep your dog company when you are off at work or out having fun. Having a dog sitter may cost a little extra money but it will be worth it to get your dog the fun it needs to not be lonely and barking and waking up or bugging all the neighbors.

If you don’t think you can afford a dog sitter then this dog breed might not be for you. Just a warning because you don’t want to end up giving the dog away to a pound because this dog is a rare breed and most people won’t part with this kind of dog it would be a shame for the dog to die in a pound just because you left it alone and it started barking and that bugged you so you got rid of the dog.

There are many dog breeds that don’t need constantly to be with someone but there are allot of dogs that will bark if left alone for a long period of time especially if someone is near the house that is not suppose to be. Keep in mind the dog misses you and that the dog is part of the family so if you do get a Chinese Crested make sure to have someone at home all the time and be able to get the dog the treatment it needs to feel safe and happy most of the time.

Cats don’t bark at all so if you are going to be getting an animal that you want to be able to stay around the house when you are not home then you can get a cat. Cats may get mad at you but they don’t voice that because meowing is not common with cats and the cats are good animals to and also nice pets. Just do some research before getting an animal and see if the animal fits the right with your home and if it does then get that animal but if it doesn’t don’t get that animal at all.