The answer to the question do Chinese Cresteds have health problems is they can and I will go over the common health problems that your dog may come into contact to due to their size and body features. The first problem is a problem breathing this can happen when the neck or throat close up this is common due to size of the dog. This is why you are going to want to make sure to treat your dog carefully if you notice they are having labored breaths or troubled breathing. Troubled breathing is a serious issue to understand because without aid it could cause the dog to have a problem.

Not being able to breathe as you may of suspected can lead the dog to death. The dog will need medical attention to get better and be able to breathe again. If your dog stops breathing and is laying on the ground it is a good idea to take the dog to the vet. Another health problem that is common for Chinese Cresteds is dental problems. The reason is because the mouth of the dog is so small and it causes dental problems. Getting your dog to the veterinarian is important when having a dog and dental problems as dental problems can cause allot of pain for the dog and make the dog not want to eat.

Another health problem is where the knees slip out of socket easy. This can be a major problem and painful for your dog when the dog is trying to walk so if you notice your dogs knee is out of place make sure to get the dog to a vet right away that can help cure your dog of the problem is currently having. Always pay attention to your Chinese Cresteds health and make sure to treat the dog as soon as possible to ensure the dog will not die due to injury.

One more thing that the Chinese Cresteds have a problem with is allergies. So make sure to get your dog allergy medication if it has allergies so it doesn’t try to pull out the hair it has with the teeth in the mouth of the dog. These are just some common health problems that can happen with Chinese Cresteds so it is a good idea to get a check up by your vet anytime you think your dog is sick or just regularly so the dog will be able to stay healthy. Taking the animal to the veterinarian is important for any animal for check ups just like humans health problems can go wrong so keep that in mind when you are taking care of your animal.

Do what is best for the animal one more problem that this dog can have is a thyroid problem. If the dog has a thyroid problem the animal may need medication to correct the problem. So if your veterinarian thinks your dog has a thyroid problem due to a blood test then make sure that you get the dog treated so the dog will fell good and not die from a thyroid problem.