The Chinese Crested temperament is just one more reason you are going to want to own a Chinese Crested. I will go over the 6 different aspects of their temperament. This way you are going to know if you want this kind of dog or not. Some people like tought dogs and if this is you then maybe Chinese Crested are not the right kind of dogs for you because the first of the temperament that the dog has is being lively this is not tough just active.

So if you want an active dog then the Chinese Crested is the right choice for you to make sure the other things that go along with a Chinese Crested. The other temperament of the dog is being playful so if you want to play with your dog and have it play back that is one reason other to get a Chinese Crested. I like how this dogs temperament is not mean and annoying because then who would want a Chinese Crested maybe the dog fighters but not many other people would want to have a Chinese Crested if their temperament was sleepy and mean. But that is not the case with this dog you are getting a lively and playful dog and that is only the first two parts of the Chinese Crested temperament.

Another part of the Chinese Crested temperament is to be alert. That means that your dog will be alert when you call the animals name and that will help when you are trying to get your dog to get petted by you so that is just one more bonus in the Chinese Crested temperament. Not many people I know would like a dog that was just sitting around all the time and not doing anything but some people do like those kinds of dogs but if you like a dog that is with the temperament so far then you are going to be even happier with the other temperament one of which is happy!

A happy dog is a good dog so that is one of the parts of the temperament so now you know the dog won’t be sad and sluggish but happy and alert. The other parts of the temperament of a Chinese Crested is sweet tempered that means the dog won’t start biting for no reason or just because it got an ear pulled or a tail pulled. The last part of the Chinese Crested temperament is to be affectionate that means it will love when you pet her or him.

Now that you know what to expect from a dog that is good looking and sweet then you are going to be able to get the dog if you want to just make sure that you want to get this dog before deciding to go get one so the dog does not end up in a pound. I would think you could even get puppies from a male and female and give them away because of how cool this breed of dog really is. I don’t think all dogs are cool but this dog is nice and fancy looking so that put together it is a really perfect dog to someone who wants to have a cool looking and fancy dog.