Chinese Cresteds are gentle by nature and any animal can get along with another animal as long as there is given enough time the animals being around each other. As long as the animal you are talking about is neither a vicious wild animal which neither dogs nor cats is that kind of animal. But to top that allot of people and websites say that Chinese Cresteds are one of the easiest animals to get along with cats. So that being said you can take the dog home to your kitty and see if the dog will be nice around it.

Hopefully the dog will pay no attention to the cat other then to sniff it real quick. If the dog shows signs of being hostile towards the cat you may need to get your dog trained to be with cats. Some people think dogs and cats are natural enemies and that is not the case at all but some dogs do show aggression to other animals including other dogs so keep that in mind before putting any other dog which another dog or a dog with a cat.

When dealing with dog and cats you are going to want to make sure the dog is friendly and the Chinese Cresteds are natural friendly active alert dogs so that is great. One great thing about Chinese Cresteds is they can double as alarm dogs because they will bark at intruders keep this in mind if looking for a guard/alert dog that can help you to get safe while you are at home.

One way to keep the home safe is a dog but the better way is a home security system so just keep that in mind when taking your dog to be the guard of your home. Chinese Cresteds look weak and fluffy but that is not all that is cracked up to be because the dog still has a mouth and can bite intruders that are trying to get into your home but many times this can cause the dog to be hurt.

Another way your dog can be hurt is if the cat attacks if your cat is seeming like it is going to attack your dog then you are going to want to make sure to get the cat far away from the dog and get the cat some training because it is not always the dog that makes the fuss but the cat that makes the fuss.