The truth is the Chinese Crested could like swimming but without the proper training the dog will not be able to know how to swim. Just like you don’t know how to swim until you are taught. So before leaving the dog alone near water a pool or lake make sure the dog has been trained to swim. Before that make sure not to leave the dog near either of these places because the dog could die from drowning if it gets in the pool or lake and is unable to swim. So the dog may like it as it does depend on dog to dog basis most dogs from my experience like swimming but not all dogs can swim.

Don’t let training be something you avoid when having a Chinese Crested if you get your dog training and are confident that it knows how to swim then you can leave it near a pool or lake without a problem because the dog will know how to protect itself and be able to get the hang of swimming because it will have been trained to swim. The lessons may cost a little money but if you are going to be have your dog around a pool or lake most of the life of the animal make sure that you are going to be able to have the dog and not have it killed simply because it was hot and the dog wanted to cool off and was unable to swim so it drowned.

After you get the dog trained it is still smart to supervise the dog when in the water that way if it sinks then you can save it. But after it has had allot of experience in the water then you shouldn’t have a problem leaving it near water just make sure you have seen the dog swim plenty of times so it does not drown in your pool or lake. Some people think dogs can swim just because some dogs swim the truth is not all dogs can swim so make sure your dog is one of the ones who can swim before leaving it near a pool or lake that is the final warning I am going to give you.

Lastly enjoy the time with your dog in the pool and swim with the dog to have a good time that is what you can do after the dog has been trained to swim and given the time needed to know how. That is one reason to get your dog trained in swimming lessons is to have another activity you can do with this playful active and happy dog. That is the temperament of this dog happy and alert and active so get use to those kind of needs being fit by you for example being with the dog when you can to make sure the dog is going to be having a good life.