There is the question that goes out there do Chinese Crested make good watch or protection dogs. Well if you want to be notified when someone is in your yard or coming near your home the dog will usually park the Chinese Crested breed is known for this and this dog does not usually bark but if there are strangers near your home the dog will bark. One thing I think is true is that if the dog barks it is going to bite so the dog will be able to protect you and is not exactly small so the dog would be able to guard your home.

So not only will you have a cute dog but a dog that will protect your home. So if that is what you wondering if the dog would be able to protect your home or not the answer is yes it is a good not so little guard dog. Now a poodle small one might not be a good guard dog because even though it can bark there is very little bite to them. They can only bite as big as they are and poodles aren’t usually too big. The reason I mention poodles because the hair cut for the Chinese Crested and the poodle are similar.

Now the good thing is your dog will be able to protect your home. But you should put a sign up that says beware of dog so people know not to go in your backyard or they could be attacked by the Chinese Crested and then you would get into trouble and possibly have to pay hospital bills for someone that is suppose to go into your backyard to check the electric meter or similar tasks like a gardener doing your front and back yard. So just be safe and have a beware of dog sign this way people are alert to the fact that you have a dog that can and will protect your home.

The only other negative side of your dog being stuck protecting your home is that the dog may get hurt and that is not good for anyone. If an intruder came in your backyard or where ever the dog is then you may get the dog hurt because the intruder may have a weapon. So it is always good to have a home security system instead of letting your dog face intruders alone but at least the dog will be able to show you there is an intruder by barking and attacking if need be.

Knowing the positive and negative sides of your dog attacking intruders is important because it gives you the best knowledge you need to know to protect your dog and the other members of your family. A dog is not the best protection you can get but if you want a watch/guard dog then the Chinese Crested is one animal that will help you get what you want because they are a good watch/guard dog. So keep all this in mind when getting a dog for protection or for a part of the family as this could be just one more reason to get a Chinese Crested.