Wondering if you’re Chinese Crested needs tons of exercise to stay fit. Well the answer is no the dog doesn’t need much exercise but some exercise wouldn’t hurt. I am going to go over some of the exercises you can do with your dog that will help it be happy and healthy. Just remember you don’t have to do these exercises all the time because the Chinese Crested you own doesn’t need to be exercising all the time to stay fit it will stay fit just by walking around and exercise on occasion.

Well one exercise you can do is play fetch with your dog throw something and has the dog get that something. Make sure it is small because the mouth of the Chinese Crested is small so it won’t be able to pick up a baseball more then likely so use a throwing disk. You can do this 5-10 times if your dog knows how to fetch and that should be enough to get the dog the exercise it needs. There are other ways to treat your dog to a little bit of exercise and I will go over those ways right here so that you can know what to do if you would like to get your dog some exercise.

Another form of exercise is taking your dog on a walk. If you do not know or even if you think you know how your dog will react to other dogs or people you should use a leash on your dog when walking. Most places the law makes this important but allot of people simply ignore the law and that is not smart for you or your pet you or your pet could get hurt or your pet could hurt someone else.

Now it is not likely your dog is going to attack but if it feels threatened or feels someone is threatening you it might try to protect you. That seems like a good thing but it could be one of your friends just messing around then your dog comes out of no where and attacks. That is why a leash is important so you can calm your dog down if it gets excited and wants to attack someone or another animal.


Try these two ways to exercise your dog and make sure to exercise the dog sometimes not all the time because its not needed you don’t want a warn out puppy or dog that doesn’t want to do anything so make sure to get the dog to be in fit condition and not over worked out because then the dog could be tired all the time.