The simple answer to the question do Chinese Cresteds shed is no but there are ways if the dog starts biting on the hair it can pull off. So that is the only way a Chinese Crested can shed if it pulls out its own hair. In this article I am going to give you some cleaning tips that and other tips to make sure you are going to get the right care for your animal. Not all dogs shed and this breed is one that doesn’t but if the dog has fleas it can pull out hair with the mouth and that is how hair can get all over the place.

Most Chinese Crested have very little hair and that is what makes them look so cool. But one tip is to keep this hair clean with weekly cleanings by yourself or a groomer which ever is better for you. I would suggest doing it yourself and buying a comb for the dog that will keep the dog hair looking clean and not all messed up. Make sure not to hurt your dog with a comb because this could mean the dog might bite you while Chinese Crested are nice in nature and happy most animals won’t let you hurt then even on accident without some kind of reaction. That is why I warn against getting a bad comb for your Chinese Crested.

Also one other tip for Chinese Crested is tom make sure to get the dog a hair cut so the hair doesn’t fall to the ground this could lead to problems for the dog and make the dog not be able to walk around without hurting itself on accident. The way it can hurt itself is by stepping on the hair and pulling some of it out on accident. That is not shedding that is pulling hair out so just keep in mind while Chinese Cresteds don’t shed they can be allergenic. The things that cause this type of dog to have an allergic reaction is the fleas so if your dog has fleas make sure to get flea dip or flea shampoo that will kill the fleas and leave your dog living happy and in good shape.

Now that you know some ways to keep your dog taken care of don’t stop there look for other ways you can make the dog happy and healthy. A pet is a part of a family and therefore should be treated like a part of the family so buy it treats when it is good and treat it fair when it misbehaves don’t ever hit the dog because that is not fair to the animal and can cause the dog to be scared of people.